Meet Our Staff

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  • Mark Schlundt

    Mark Schlundt

    General Manager

    (800) 880-3099 ext 221

    Mark graduated from Indiana University-Bloomington School of Business in 1977. He worked for Ford Motor Company until 1984 and was a partner in Charlotte County Ford and Charlotte County Lincoln Mercury in Port Charlotte, Florida until 1990. He is currently a partner in Desoto Dodge Chrysler Ford Jeep. He has been married since 1977 to Pam and has two children, Annie Sifrit and Zach Schlundt, and two grandchildren, Corbin and Lily Sifrit.

  • Matt Kratzer

    Matt Kratzer

    General Sales Manager

    (800) 880-3099 ext 220

    Matt joined Desoto Ford-Mercury in 1988 as Sales Manager. In 1993, he, Mark Schlundt and Charlie Christopherson purchased the Dealership from Mr. Wade Hartley, its previous owner. They obtained the local Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep franchise in 1997, and combined all brands into the New Desoto Dodge Chrysler Ford and Jeep. The Ownership Group feels fortunate to have met many new friends through their Dealership, and enjoys the everyday workings that are provided at one of Arcadia's most successful and well known businesses.

  • Charlie Christopherson

    Charlie Christopherson

    Parts and Service Director

    (800) 880-3099 ext 241

  • Tim Kratzer

    Tim Kratzer

    Sales Manager

    (800) 880-3099 ext 295

    Tim has been a vital part of our Sales Department since 1989, and there's not an area of our Dealership that hasn't benefited from his 30 years of experience in the Automobile Industry.

  • Ken Williams

    Ken Williams

    Sales Director

    (800) 880-3099 ext 269

    Ken has been a part of our Sales Department since 2005, and brings 30 years of automotive sales experience to our Dealership.

  • Marie Browning

    Marie Browning

    Office Manager

    (800) 880-3099 ext 212

    A valued employee for 39 years, Marie's expertise keeps the Business Office running smoothly.

  • John (J.R.) Roberts

    John (J.R.) Roberts

    New/ Pre-Owned/ Fleet Sales

    (800) 880-3099 ext 233 Cell: (863) 990-9758

    John Roberts has been with our Dealership for 13 years.

  • Elmer Johnson

    Elmer Johnson

    New/ Pre-Owned Vehicle Sales

    (800) 880-3099 ext 268

    Elmer was born and raised in Arcadia, has been married for thirty years, and has five children. After twelve years of active service in the U.S. Air Force, he returned home and worked at the Arcadia Police Department for seven years. He has been employed at Desoto Dodge Chrysler Ford Jeep since May of 1999.

  • Rob Rose

    Rob Rose

    New/ Pre-Owned Vehicle Sales

    (800) 880-3099 ext 240 Cell: (941) 628-0311

    Rob has been employed at Desoto Dodge Chrysler Ford Jeep since 2005.

  • Cathy Freeland

    Cathy Freeland

    New/ Pre-Owned Vehicle Sales

    (800) 880-3099 ext 216

    Cathy has been with the Dealership for a total of nine years.

  • Christy Malin

    Christy Malin

    New/ Pre-Owned Vehicle Sales

    (800) 880-3099 ext 238

    Christy is a 5th generation Floridian and a graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University. She lives in Arcadia, and when not at work, you can find her at the local gym, at a Mud Run, or doing local charity work for the Coastal Conservation Association and the Relay for Life. She is a very outgoing person with a down to earth personality and strong communication skills. She's been with our Dealership since 2009, and is available everyday but Thursday and Sunday.

  • Allen Block

    Allen Block

    New/ Pre-Owned Vehicle Sales

    (800) 880-3099 ext 219 Cell: 941-815-8658

    A 2002 Charlotte High School graduate, Allen has been with our Dealership since August, 2011. He enjoys hunting and fishing, along with spending time with family and friends. Allen is available to serve you every day but Tuesdays and Sundays.

  • Clint Slaggy

    Clint Slaggy

    New/ Pre-Owned Vehicle Sales

    (800) 880-3099 ext 266 Cell: (941) 286-2229

    Clint lives in Arcadia, and has been married to his loving wife Michele for eighteen years. He has three great children: Jessica, Austin, and Colton, and they all like to do many outdoor activities as a family, including hunting, fishing, and 4-wheeling. In addition to being a member of the Sales team for 1 1/2 years, he has several years experience in our Service Department, which expands his ability to help the needs of his customers.

  • Russell Uebelacker

    Russell Uebelacker

    New/ Pre-Owned Vehicle Sales

    (800) 880-3099 ext 271 cell (941) 628-3093

    One of our newest Sales Team members, Russ was raised in Port Charlotte, and brings years of business savvy to our Dealership, having been the former owner of Busy Bee Glass and Mirror. He's also served our community well, spending 15 years as a Deputy with the Charlotte County Sheriffs Office. Russ is the proud father of 4 wonderful children.

  • Shawn Barney

    Shawn Barney

    Service Manager

    (800) 880-3099 ext 224

  • Bill Klein

    Bill Klein

    Parts Director

    (800) 880-3099 ext 231

  • Lee Harms

    Lee Harms

    Parts Department Specialist

    (800) 880-3099 ext 222

    Lee Harms brings 25 years of experience and expertise to our Parts Department.

  • Timothy Wayne (T.J.) Baxter, Jr

    Timothy Wayne (T.J.) Baxter, Jr

    Parts Department Specialist

    (800) 880-3099 ext 223

    T.J. has been a member of our Parts Department team since 2009.

  • Celeste Brady

    Celeste Brady

    Service Advisor

    (800) 880-3099 ext 205

    Although she has only been at our Dealership for 1 year, Celeste brings 29 years of experience in the automotive field to her Service Advisor position.

  • Ralf Lipps

    Ralf Lipps

    Service Advisor

    (863) 993-1611 ext 235

    Ralf is a native of Germany, where he lived for 8 years before moving to North Carolina, then to Florida in 2003. He has 44 years of experience in the Automotive Industry, 16 of which he owned his own business. He has specialized training in tires from Goodyear.

  • Owen Gray

    Owen Gray

    Body Shop Manager

    (800) 880-3099 ext 296

  • Maria A. Aguilar

    Maria A. Aguilar

    Bus iness Office

    (800) 880-3099 ext 200

    Alicia has been a valued member of our Business Office for 17 years.

  • Mary Lou Wooten

    Mary Lou Wooten

    Accounts Payable and Receivable

    (800) 880-3099 ext 210

    Mary Lou has been with the Dealership since 2010.

  • Alice Perry

    Alice Perry

    Title Clerk

    (800) 880-3099 ext 214

    Alice has been with the Dealership since 2010.

  • Donna Skrivan

    Donna Skrivan

    Title Clerk

    (800) 880-3099 ext 236 Cell: (863) 990-4356

    Donna has worked in our Business Office since 2011.

  • Detail Department

    Detail Department

    (800) 880-3099 ext 277

    Norman, Andy and Marco. Andy Thorton, a valued employee for well over 30 years, heads up our Detail Department to the delight of our Staff and Customers